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Surgical Dermatology

Our physicians will work with you to determine which medical or surgical dermatology approach is best for you. Most dermatological conditions are treatable with medication and non-invasive procedures and therapies. Most surgical procedures can be performed in our outpatient office setting.

Cryosurgery (liquid nitrogen)woman preparing for surgical dermatology

A cryosurgery is a form of surgical dermatology used to treat warts, precancerous lesions, and certain types of skin cancers. The extreme cold, produced by liquid nitrogen, results in the destruction of the affected tissue. Cryosurgery has its advantages over other methods of skin cancer treatment; it is not as invasive as surgery and other complications that would usually be found in surgery are minimized. Cryosurgery is less expensive than most other treatments and generally results in shorter recovery time and hospital stay.


An electrosurgery is a form of surgical dermatology used for the removal of benign and invasive skin lesions. The heat produced by the electrosurgical system produces a controlled superficial tissue burn. Electrosurgery is useful when dealing with the removal of exterior lesions, like warts, without the need for suturing. It is also useful when dealing with the removal of vascular lesions because of the minimal blood loss. 

Excisional surgery

Excisional surgery, also known as surgical excision, results in the complete removal of benign and malignant lesions when indicated. This procedure also allows for microscopic analysis of the affected tissue. Excisional surgery can typically be completed in just one session, with the results being both cosmetically and medically effective. We have a certified dermatopathologist on staff to provide expert pathologic diagnoses. Excisional surgery is different from Mohs surgery. This is due to the number of sessions required for each surgery. Mohs may be done over multiple sessions, while a surgical excision can be completed in one session.

Mohs surgery

Mohs surgery is a uniquely effective technique for accurately removing cancers of the skin while preserving the maximum amount of healthy tissue possible. Learn more about Mohs surgery here.

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