Personal Hygiene and Female Necessities Drive for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. DAV sponsored a personal hygiene and female necessities drive in each office that includes soaps, shampoos, deodorants, new bras, underwear and socks to be donated to Safe Harbor Shelter. DAV collected so many items that multiple deliveries were required due to the overwhelming response.


On October 18, eight DAV employees volunteered their time to spread mulch at the shelter.

“Volunteering at the Domestic Violence Shelter was an eye opener for me,”  Front Desk Associate Lucy Franck says. “The harsh reality is that we need these shelters in the first place. I was in shock that there is so much violence that isn’t spoken about. The silent abuse and injury people endure just makes me so sad and angry. I thank God there is a place for people to go to when they are in trouble. I did a little research on domestic violence and sex trafficking before our meeting with Katherine Moore, Safe Harbor’s Community Outreach Liaison.  What I learned was appalling! I had even more questions, which were answered by Katherine. The least I could do was help the shelter by assisting with the yard work. I shoveled mulch almost the entire time we were there. I hope to help this shelter again in the future.”


We thank our volunteers for helping to make the shelter residents feel more at home.